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54 thoughts on “Off Topic v13”

  1. New OT, just in time to save your scroll wheels.

    …Okay, I might have been a month late on this one, but I’m cute, so forgive me. <3

  2. Can I ask for your opinion on a particular manga translation?
    I know nothing about translation, but I found that one infuriating, the level of weeboness was beyond anything I had read before.

  3. Apparently, KamiFS are now putting questionable ads in their Dragon Ball Super releases. Seriously, you have to be REALLY FUCKING retarded to put this shit in the subtitles.

    • Oh, holy fucking shit, that was what I was supposed to write last night instead of getting drunk and buying $500 of J-sploitation blu-rays. God fucking dammit.

      Okay, yes, that’ll be coming. Just got a few more hours of family obligations and then I can get back home for attack on keyboard.

      Edit: Sleep, then attack on keyboard.


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