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41 thoughts on “Off Topic v16”

  1. Season preview will be coming. Still recovering from Sakuracon, so just give me a bit. You’ll have shit before Detour, I promiseā„¢.

      • Well I wasn’t really expecting much. Maybe sometime next week (don’t drink too much and pass out and die in the gutter).
        Off to marvel on how the original LoGH was done better. And how they got 12-13 eps from one book, rather than today’s 3 eps. Don’t know how many eps they got planed for the new season but I doubt they’ll spread it out as much. Don’t care for the new character designs that much (not that they’re bad). It’s probably just that I’m use to the old ones.

        • I’ve watched everything that came out prior to Friday, I’ll just throw up an impressions post and then a preview for anything after. Should suffice.

          • I got impatient and watched the first couple of episodes. For anyone wondering, it ramps up the shock value to the point that it’s just trying too hard. Do not recommend.

  2. D_S, SubDESU is back from the dead saving us with an original tl and I want to know whether or not this is a net gain for fansubbing. Maybe review for old times sake if it ends up having content to write home about?

  3. Seriously we’re into week 3 here. My dumb ass just learned that Hinamatsuri was an anime. Read the manga years back, enjoyed it, but forgot the name. “Read some other preview then!” What do you say random voices? That’s crazy talk. Next they’ll be telling me to get a job and contribute to society.

    Get your act together. Random people you’ve never met and owe nothing to are counting on your shit posting season previews. Seriously where are your priority?

  4. Hey D_S you going to Lamecon Anime North? I’m going this year if you wanna meet up again.

    Use this email instead of the other one, since I finally bothered to link it to my phone.

      • Con was 6/10 gib decent venue. Panels in hotels are for small-city cons.

        Anyway, on the subject of cons, Otakuthon super-early-bird pre-reg period ends at the end of the month and they have badge mailing and dirty premium registrations (limited to ~200) this year, so get on that.

  5. You are doing hell of a job. your website and the only ones I count on for reviewing fansubs and giving me an insight into all the different versions of Anime fansubs out there. keep up the good work

  6. Are you still doing fansub reviews? Will you be doing one for Strike the Blood III? I think there are two or three groups working on it.


  7. >everything sucks this season
    How have you not watched Sarazanmai? Don’t make me swallow you alive and birth you from my anus.

  8. I know your sight’s fucked and all but I still miss your season overviews. Here’s hoping you’ll come back one day.

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