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  1. Dagashi TL Party will be up this weekend — this is a post I’m really excited to make.

    The only question is *when*, since I’m heading out with my buddies in a few hours to drink and make kids cry all night. We’ll see.

  2. Sagey, if I leave no tip at a restaurant because the waitress didn’t acknowledge I existed for 10 minutes, and when she did she just threw menus at me without even greeting me, am I a bad person? :o

    • I take it you’re asking cuz I eat out for every other meal and not just cuz I’m perfect at life.

      So… No, you’re fine. Tips are tied to service, and if you’ve been treated exceptionally poorly, leaving no tip is the correct decision.

    • Yes, you’re a bad person! The correct procedure here is to tip between 1 and 20 cents. This makes it clear that you didn’t just forget to tip or come from a culture where tipping is not the norm.

      Hope this helps!

  3. D_S, you should start rating cities that you go to. I finally made a trip to Minneapolis, and I’d give it an 8/10. Would firemen struggle to put out a car fire again.

      • Skiddiks reported SenketsuSubs’s twitter to @removepiracy, which got them both suspended. Senketsu went crazy, deleted her twitter and original website, and started reporting fansubbers’ twitters left and right as @LadyMatoiRyuko.

      • This is only what I’ve heard, but apparently skiddiks reported Senketsu’s twitter account to an anti-piracy service and got it hit with a bunch of DMCA notices, and Senketsu’s legitimately melting down over it and trying to torpedo every fansubber by mentioning them to the same anti-piracy service thing. At some point, the twitter accounts of herkz and skiddiks were suspended for the same thing (presumably as a result of Senketsu’s reporting? I don’t know). Senketsu deleted all his torrents and is quitting subbing and even logged into his account on Chihiro’s site and posted a similar “fuck you” message on their blog that has since been deleted

        Apparently this is all likely unrelated to Nyaa being down

        What the fuck am I doing with my life

  4. Fucking D_S,
    I heard Nyaa (and hence Commie and Co) and Doki and DDY and GJM and almost everyone that isn’t FFF are getting their sites ddosed and twitter accounts suspended. Even the kings of circlejerking, xythar and herkz, lost their twitter account (herkz probably for being under 13 more than for having anime related material).
    So I come here looking for some news on the topic, and you’ve written fuck-all about the great fansubmageddon’16.
    Get your thumb out of your ass and your finger on the pulse and write a news article about how fansubs are dying. Is this not the moment you’ve been waiting for?

    • Honestly, the moment I’m waiting for is a fansub revival. Or at least an anime one. I’ve devoted so much of my life to these scenes that watching them die off pathetically brings me no joy at all.

      I will definitely get on this. I’m on good terms with LadyMatoiRyuko, so I’ll check in with her emails and get a couple sides of the story before writing anything up.

      • Honestly, that girl/guy sounds like a total loser. The way she/he reacts and types that I’ve seen throughout here on crymore one time and all around… Comes off as a bitch. Just my two cents though.

        • She comes across as crazy, yes. It might just be an act for attention, who knows.

          But skiddiks did get her twitter suspended, for which herkz and fyurie and the like actively praised him for doing so.
          They they have the gall to act surprised, scream unfair, and even panic-hide their twitter feeds when she starts to retaliate in the exact same manner.

          It smacks of elitism and I hope she gets all their twitters. A lesson in humility will do those wankers good.

          • Cunts have the temerity to beg for followers just for redistributing the hard work of others? Maybe it’ll do ’em good to be brought back to a time when putting effort into a release had more value than whoring out for useless social media points. (Though I suppose Twitter will puss out in the end anyway.)

              • I don’t see much of a difference between Senketsu Subs and other so-called fansub groups, other than the degree to which they’re each being honest about what exact value they’re providing.

          • Commie’s members actually are sort of correct about their twitters getting taken down. Screenshots from anime and subs are not illegal as they are considered fair use. Neither is discussing fansubbing, just as a cop can’t really arrest you for discussing the best way of smoking weed. However, their discussions bashing funi subs while promoting their own could be considered promoting illegal activity in some jurisdictions.

            However, Senketsu’s account linked to torrents, which is definitely considered illegal.

            That said, it was definitely mean to report Senketsu’s account, but it’s not like either side is really wrong here.

      • In 2 days, give or take a day everything will be back to normal. One can’t keep ddosing for too long and lost twitter accounts/blogs brought down won’t kill a scene.

      • Now that I’ve sobered up and and learned what a bad idea moonshine can be… is this even article worthy? Twitter drama? A few hours of sites being down?


  5. Hello
    Could you please do fansub review of Mahou Girls Precure? There are 3 different groups: Doremi, Imagination Station, Shimakaze. I know Doremi dropped it, but..i would still be interested to hear your opinion about all these groups :)

    • There are actually FIVE groups now that have done Mahoutsukai Precure episode 1: Shimakaze, Imagination Station, Doremi, Aquariistrikes, and naisho.

      Who knew it would be so popular?

    • It’s either them or HorribleSubs, right? I assume if you’re willing to wait that Glue will be the release to go with, but don’t expect anything great.

  6. Dark_Sage, have you played Blade and Soul? You had good thoughts on the anime (which was an offense to whoever played the game), so I’d like to know what you think about the actual and original story the game ships with. Seems like NCWEST is also fixing a great amount of derp dubs and bad localizations (like changing a point of the plot on the premisse that ‘muricans dislike timetravel). Plus, you can reach Lv. 45 and get done with the story quests available in 20 hours, 15 if you’re tryharding.

    • They changed our hours AGAIN?
      Soha can shoot me anytime.
      Somebody bring me my drink!
      I fed the admiral’s pet yesterday. I almost became dinner myself!
      Grilled Yutay sounds good. Or maybe FRIED YuWhtaaty should we have for dinner?

      The game is entertaining for a matter of maybe 1-2 months as you build towards getting a geared character, and dealing with NCSoft’s annoyances like the dubbing, the failure of matching spoken text to written text, bugs, and bots. But after that point it’s just boring daily grind.

        • PVP exists in two forms – Open World and Arena.

          Open world barely exists. One faction dominates, the other hunts on obscure channels and doesn’t want to fight.

          Arenas thankfully they didn’t do any BS to. It’s a simple circle, whoever kills the opponent more wins. But it’s super boring because of the massive amounts of CC in the game. If I’m a hair slower than the opponent, I am then combo’d for about 10-15 seconds losing most all of my health with nothing I can do to counter. So then it becomes a game of watching my character get beat up.

          Not to mention, the game is starting to get flooded by illegals. Gold spam at times in unbearable, and about 90% of the time in the arena, you’re fighting against a bot. And then you feel bad buying a pack of soulstones off the AH since you know that money is probably going to a bot who will sell it for real life cash.

          • That’s why you get better reflexes, go ranked in arena, and trade soulstones and other valuable itens announcing at faction chat. Spam is easily solved with two clicks, and end game gearing is not quite boring if you do the right farm rotation and spam bloodshade 4man which is quite challenging, fun and beautiful as well as rewarding.

      • Yeah, they’re fixing their dubs. It’s like funi dub acting vs japanese dub acting from the story and relevant npcs from what I’m seeing with the new character I recently created.

  7. So, yeah, currently Crymore is fixed in some ways and broken in others. Please bear with me here while I stumble my way through this shit, kthx. <3

    • Christ, every time I try to fix something it just makes things worse. And then I’ve lost hours of time.

      Fuck it, I’m going back to writing up the preview. I’ll just avoid fixing shit until it’s too late. ~_~

  8. Come quality professional subbing coming through.

    The joke is that FUNi basically dropped everything so they could grab this show.

  9. Hi.

    I want to become a fansubber. I was told that a side called has all the necessary basic information one needs to learn the basics. Unfortunately, the site seems to be down, so can you provide any recommendations of similar sites?

    Thanks in advance.

    • 8th’s site is down? I know we stopped being palsy in these later years, but if he’d asked I woulda hosted it for free. Rip. (Though, no, he wasn’t really teaching the basics — dude’s wheelhouse was being a TL/TLC.)

      Pasi, there are a number of tutorials online for things like timing or karaoke or typesetting, but generally the best way to learn is to join groups that are willing to train you. So find groups you like or that you’re at least neutral toward and check their websites for recruitment guidelines. You’re gonna have to be flexible with your time and a quick learner to succeed (unless you’re fluent in Japanese and English, then you get to skip a few steps).

  10. Dark_Sage, how are you enjoying Subaru’s descent into madness?

    He has broken down before during the fifth iteration of the mansion loop. We’ve seen him react to Rem’s bringing out her mace when they crossed the village barrier after having been killed by her during the second iteration of the mansion arc and to Ram showing off her wind magic right in front of him which she had killed him with during the third iteration of the arc (she killed him during his rant after Rem had healed him). Even those who are currently his allies can trigger him.

    He had mistakenly placed Emilia on a pedestal as the one true waifu who could understand him, the poor NEET, but he repeatedly does things that make it appear like he enjoys keeping her in the dark, like not explaining why he has to leave the mansion to save the kids and not suddenly not being able to speak at all since when he speaks with the intent to reveal his circumstances, the hand starts gripping him. Getting his inflated sense of NEET self-worth stomped all over and being rejected by Emilia has caused him to snap.

    • Madness? Eh, that’s not really it. Despair, maybe. Dude’s not flipping his shit though.

      I think the show’s doing a great job of subverting common tropes and showing the viewer that Subaru is a fucked up piece of shit, regardless of how likable he is. Considering Subaru is the ultimate self-insert power fantasy character, it is a fucking harsh mirror to throw up, and goddamn do I respect them for it.

    • Don’t fix what ain’t broke is a good concept. Another good concept: don’t re-release someone else’s effort and brand it as your own original work if you haven’t so much as touched it.

      • I mean, Ore Monogatari had a fuckload of TS that simulcasters don’t/can’t do. TS that took both groups’ TSers 12h+ of TSing time to do.

        That reason alone is a pretty decent one to use a good script and add the TS and OP/ED translations. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what FFF/Commie did for that show.

        If a group is doing a show and want to do the best job, they shouldn’t change things for the sake of “making it our own”.

        We’re trying to deliver the best product, not the most unique and personalised one.

        Subbing’s changed a lot as simulcasters have gotten gradually more reliable (or well, since CR started doing a bunch of projects in-house with some very good ex-fansub TLs at the helm).

        We either change along with them, or we fade into absolute obscurity. We’re already obscure enough as it is, so let’s try evolving a little.

        • I wish more fansubbers took that reasoning to heart, or at least applied it to more of their work. I mean, this blog alone exposes god knows how much sub lines changed by fansub editors for the worse for no good reason other than to be original, witty, or otherwise different.

          If the official script is bad to begin with, it only makes sense to put effort into finding a capable TL because working off of a bad script never really results in anything good. If the original script is accurate enough, it makes sense to look for a sensible editor instead who would fix the remaining problems and not botch the good parts (apparently this is harder than it seems). Everything else is bound to either multiply the effort or degrade the quality even further. And the amount of shows worth that extra effort is what, 1-2 per year or so?

        • Oh yeah, that typesetting in Ore Monogatari
          Typesetting is a general issue with the Monogatari series and publishers. I was happy Commie did Ore Monogatari and the rest of the Monogatari Series in a timely manner. I don’t think waiting one day or two make one commit sudoku, especially when it’s some great Monogatari show.

        • In ways it’s true – don’t fix what’s not broken. It’s a bit hard to believe that there were 0 lines that could have been made better, but having not seen the script, I’m not going to judge.
          However, you could also avoid falling into obscurity by doing an original translation of the show. Fans seem to love that for some reason. But, that usually involves more effort than groups are willing to put in.

          • I haven’t seen the Ore script, so I can’t speak for that either. The points I was making are more general and branch out beyond just that one show.

            I don’t think doing an original translation for the sake of it is ever the right decision, especially if the simulcast script is exceptionally accurate already. You’re putting in work to create something worse.

            A group that wants to do a show that has a bad simulcast script/no simulcast script will still do an original translation if they really want to pick up the show.

            I’ll re-iterate this last part from my previous post, because it’s by and far the most important thing to take away from this topic:

            “Subbing’s changed a lot as simulcasters have gotten gradually more reliable (or well, since CR started doing a bunch of projects in-house with some very good ex-fansub TLs at the helm).

            We either change along with them, or we fade into absolute obscurity. We’re already obscure enough as it is, so let’s try evolving a little.”

            I stand by this, and I do what I can to move my group forward. My hope is that other subbers appreciate what I’m trying to explain here, and look to do the same within their communities.

            • Not saying it’s a right decision. Decisions made for the sole purposes of fan opinion rarely are. Just saying that it is one way to stay relevant, as fans tend to like original TLs.

              But the only think I particularly disagree with is “as simulcasters have gotten gradually more reliable (or well, since CR started doing a bunch of projects in-house with some very good ex-fansub TLs at the helm).” When CR started licensing in 2009 and did a couple of shows, they were really good for everything for exactly what you were saying – good ex-fansub TLs only. But since then, it feels like CR over-expanded, taking on too many shows, and as such had to hire less-experienced and worse TLs. So now it feels hit or miss.

              • Oh, CR’s definitely still hit or miss, I agree, but their hits are disgustingly well-done.

                Most of their misses generally aren’t in-house (now) though, it’s usually the stuff they have to get from the publishers due to either manpower or contractual constraints that tend to miss. Aniplex being a wonderful example of this.

                • Isn’t it funny that the guy criticizing groups for using official scripts is the same guy that runs a BD group and only uses other scripts to produce what they do.

                  It’s like they’re using different standards for you than they do for themselves.

                  • To be fair Govna, Kristen isn’t criticizing the use of official scripts, he simply wants to understand why they made no changes to that particular one.

                    A certain someone else in the comment chain who doesn’t sub at all is doing exactly that, though. Target that discussion towards him.

                    • I was pointing to the comment about ‘the only way to stay relevant is to OTL’ but I guess things get weird in how the comment section is ordered.

                      The only thing I would add would be if you’re only care is to ‘be relevant’ you could easily claim to be an OTL. It’s been done in the past and the only people to notice are sites like this since no one that would download just for an OTL claim would probably care enough to check.

                    • My only point being that it’s clearly not true. Plenty of groups that do only original TLs no one gives a fuck about (bit, bitmap (what a weird theme), yumeiro?) and the groups that still are probably considered prominent do a lot more of the official source editing.
                      You can easily say that the other groups don’t do that great of work, but more’s the point.

                      Not to mention, you’ve existed for forty years now and haven’t done a single OTL, or even I think had a tlc go over your stuff. That would seem to be even more evidence that no one actually cares about any of that stuff, and it’s just a weird thing you like to say.

                    • “Not to mention, you’ve existed for forty years now and haven’t done a single OTL”

                      It was called Chihiro. Even though I’ve fallen out with them, I was the active leader of them from April 2008->May 2012, and again briefly from May 2013->September 2013.

                      “or even I think had a tlc go over your stuff.”

                      Please discuss with Xythar, herkz, and Eien about how you believe their TL teams suck and need another TLC from me.

                      “That would seem to be even more evidence that no one actually cares about any of that stuff”

                      It’s so cute that you say such ridiculous statements to try to get me to respond. Sorry, I’m not available to date. I’m too messed up in the head to burden myself onto any other guy or girl.

                      “and it’s just a weird thing you like to say.”

                      I may have said it, but I don’t recall it. I’ve been pretty honest that mostly everything I do is for reasons involving me, and not for fans. That’s why Aikatsu is priority #1, and not something like Monogatari.

                    • I dunno why you’re so insecure, but nothing I post is bait.

                      You’re just a bad subber.

                    • “You’re just a bad subber.”

                      Still waiting for something you believe instead of more bait.

                    • You don’t actually know how to sub which is why things like itsP’s styling errors always get passed you?

                    • “which is why things like itsP’s styling errors always get passed you?”
                      Not going to pretend that I knew that random obscure fact about his styles. Nobody had mentioned it anywhere, so not like I really had a chance to know that it didn’t work on one particular subtitle render. I use the standard CCCP, so if VSFilter works, then that’s all that I see.
                      That said, now that the issue has been mentioned, am I going to do it again? No, not really. Subbing is a learning process, and seeing how I’ve never had anyone to teach or correct me outside of random comments, it’s a surprise I’ve come as far as I have.

                      “You don’t actually know how to sub” though is still just baiting instead of your actual belief.

                      Also, next time you want to criticize someone, Mr. QC, why don’t you pay attention to your own grammar. It’s not “get passed,” it’s “get past.” Further, you are not asking a question, so you should end with a “.” and not a “?”. I don’t claim to be a QC, but if even I notice something like that, then what does that say about you?

                    • Thanks for kritisizing my grammar it’s a big help.
                      My point being that, especially as a group lead, you should know to test your releases on the different renderers. Especially considering vsfilter is pretty much only a mpc-x thing. Absolutely everyone else will be using some weird deviant of libass. Not to mention libass is like super sexy now.

                      And on top of that, you’ve supposedly worked with itsP before, and the broken styles are kind of his calling card. The fact that you didn’t even know of its existence as a bug before is kind of more telling than anything.

                    • *Shrug*

                      I don’t really give a rats ass about different renders. Especially when the error talked about wasn’t mentioned anywhere for 9 months since the initial release, and was only mentioned by a person with a long history of antagonizing me after the show was over (aka, before I could fix it for the final release).

                      As I’ve said, it’s something I’ll learn from and will be checking future releases for itsP errors. Dunno what more you want.

                    • It’s just too bad that you are so one-dimensional in your hatred for me that you see a simple comment that fans like original TLs as “shitting on other subbers for subbing.”

                    • I’m not one dimensional nor do I hate you. I’ve even typeset for you through a few people before.

                      I dunno where you get any of that.

                    • Constant hyperbole, insults, and troll bait? No, it’s pretty safe to say you hate me. And don’t give me that TS crap. You owed a debt to Hybrid, that was all.

                    • I don’t owe a debt to hybrid or anyone. I do so much weird random stuff for people that the group LNS was made just to centralize everyone asking me to do stuff.

                      And none of what I said was hyperbole or trollbait. Now matter how much you don’t like it, it’s not trollbait.

                    • I’m not being dishonest? How could I possibly owe a debt to hybrid, that one guy that’s the reason I had to learn to time.

                  • You’re trying too hard to troll.

                    That said, the only particular thing I’d criticize a fansub group on is not crediting the R1 source for the base subs.

              • Set up a group, work with other subbers, and aim for a high bar. You’ll soon agree with what I’m saying.

                Working with original TLs isn’t always conducive to quality results. For a lot of smaller and/or newer groups, it can even be detrimental to their end-result.

  11. Hey, Sage, could you review Tales of Zestiria?
    Surprisingly, Funimation beat Daisuki in terms of quality.


    Subs (just some examples):

    >Ep 00 (18:37)
    Daisuki: It cooled down (lol what)
    Funimation: I lost interest.

    >Ep 03 (2:29)
    Daisuki: They’re waiting for sword inspection (lolno)
    Funimation: Security checkpoint!

    Looks like Funi’s translator is actually watching this show… Daisuki didn’t bother.

    • When every ESL with autism stops releasing their “subs” and someone even close to a B-tier group subs it properly, using a BDMV as source.

  12. Holy shit, when did Nyaa start pulling this adspam garbage? Like hell am I going to click some sketchy-ass image and let third-party scripts run.

    • Nevermind. I somehow found my way to some weird alternate-reality nyaa. All is as expected once I returned to the .se timeline.

      • If you have the URL for that dodgy site, you should probably let us know in the NyaaTorrents IRC channel so it can be blacklisted from potential malicious use on NT itself (comments/descriptions/etc).

  13. Looking for a new Rizon BNC. Suggestions?

    I’ve been absent from IRC for nearly a month since the server mine was hosted on went kaput and I can’t seem to get the owner to care. Before anyone suggests it, Rizon’s official bouncer doesn’t work for me. The port is blocked at the ISP level because my ISP is an idiot.

    For those of you that I sub with: I did not intend to abandon projects. I will jump right back in as soon as I can get back on IRC in a reliable fashion.

    • Offline? As in, me not posting? Or as in actual technical errors? I pay a lot to keep this thing on solid hosting so I’d like to know if shit’s actually crashing on you folks or if cloudflare is fucking up.


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